The Benefits of Supporting Small Businesses

Black-Owned Designer HandbagsIn today’s consumer market, you’ll find countless options to choose from for whatever you’re looking to buy. Some of these options will be from big-box stores and nationwide chains, and others will be from small independent businesses.

Although it may sometimes be easier to go with the larger retail establishments, shopping at small businesses has far more benefit for you, independent entrepreneurs, and their communities. Check out some of the ways in which supporting small independent businesses has a positive impact!

Boost local economies.

Compared to larger chains, small businesses put much more money back into their local communities. Independent businesses are more likely to work with other small local businesses for the goods and services they need to operate. They also create local jobs and pay taxes to the community, which stimulates the local economy.

Get high-quality, one-of-a-kind products.

The products you get from small businesses are unique and carefully-crafted, as opposed to the cheaper mass-produced products you’ll find at bigger companies. Small business owners know that their success hinges on their reputation, which is defined by what they have to offer. That’s why they go the extra mile to offer top-quality items that can’t be found anywhere else.

Reduce environmental impact.

Small businesses typically operate more sustainably than widespread chains. Due to their size, they require less land and infrastructure for warehousing and brick and mortar stores, as well as outsource fewer materials (and usually stay local for the ones they do). The result is reduced environmental damage and pollution from construction, manufacturing, and transportation, as well as less energy and fewer resources consumed.

Buy ethically.

When you buy from an independently-owned business, you can feel confident about where your product is coming from. As companies grow, the focus on profits over process takes over and business practices often become less ethical and transparent. Small businesses, on the other hand, are not only more dedicated to ethics, but also more actively give back to their local communities.

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