What Your Choice of Handbag Says About You

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You don’t have to know much about fashion to know that your style tells a story. From the clothes you wear to the hairstyle you choose, and even those little accessories you use to tie up a look, every piece says a little something about your personality and lifestyle—and your handbag is no exception!

There’s so much versatility in the designer handbag market, the one you choose to carry unwittingly reveals much more than you might think about yourself. Let’s take a look at what a few of the most popular handbag styles have to say about the beauties that are using them!

The Tote

If you take on life with a roomy tote bag in hand, you’re ready for anything. There’s probably a lot you need to juggle in your day-to-day, which means things can get unpredictable. You need a handbag that can keep up, and a tote is the perfect carryall bag to keep everything you might need to reach your goals on hand.

Totes You Might Like: The Angelique Tote, The Gabby Tote

The Clutch

A clutch purse is an elegant way for the outgoing woman to make a statement. When a clutch is your go-to, you’re either a party girl, social butterfly, fashionista or, more likely, a fierce combination of the three. You’re minimalistic, not needing much more than your killer style and excitement for life when you’re out and about.

Clutches You Might Like: The Goddess Clutch, The Oh Joy Ombre Clutch, The Flora Clutch

The Shoulder Bag

With its classic, timeless style, a shoulder bag is the perfect match for a multi-faceted individual who’s looking to impress in all settings. A good shoulder bag can go from a casual lunch to a workday meeting and then be ready for date night without batting an eye. It’s also a not-so-subtle display to celebrate your success and radiate confidence.

Shoulder Bags You Might Like: The Zina Shoulder Bag, The Madison Satchel, The Medlin

The Crossbody

If a crossbody is your purse of choice, others know you’re up for adventure and value a good experience over anything else. As a free spirit, you need a hands-free bag to carry the essentials that is just as bold as you are—and a crossbody is that flawless companion.

Crossbodies You Might Like: The Sharae Handbag, The Nylah Handbag, The Tatum Handbag

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