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The Benefits of Supporting Small Businesses

In today’s consumer market, you’ll find countless options to choose from for whatever you’re looking to buy. Some of these options will be from big-box stores and nationwide chains, and others will be from small independent businesses. Although it may sometimes be easier to go with the larger retail establishments, shopping at small businesses has far more benefit for you, independent entrepreneurs, and their communities. Check out some of the ways in which supporting small independent businesses has a positive impact! Boost local economies. Compared to larger chains, small businesses put much more money back into their local communities. Independent...

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What Your Choice of Handbag Says About You

You don’t have to know much about fashion to know that your style tells a story. From the clothes you wear to the hairstyle you choose, and even those little accessories you use to tie up a look, every piece says a little something about your personality and lifestyle—and your handbag is no exception! There’s so much versatility in the designer handbag market, the one you choose to carry unwittingly reveals much more than you might think about yourself. Let’s take a look at what a few of the most popular handbag styles have to say about the beauties that...

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The Handbag Hopefuls

“Emily is like the mother hen, she nurtures careers,” said Lauren Parker, editor in chief of Accessories magazine, which sponsored the Audience Fan Favorite award at I.H.D.A. It was won by Joy Egbejimba-Nuciano of Nigeria for a marigold-colored box bag with a turn lock, called the Aurene.

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